IT Services Internship at Ministry of Environment

Ministry Of Environment

Last Seen: 26th December 2019

Company NameMinistry Of Environment

Job TypeInternship

The respective successful candidates shall:

  • Be employed on a twelve (12) months contract; and
  •  Earn a consolidated salary of kshs. 25,000.00 per month.

The position holder will assist the Project Manager in the following
duties and responsibilities:

  • Design of a chemicals database;
  • Maintaining an inventory of electronic resources, design of awareness materials, printing and exhibitions.
  •  Drafting a project communications strategy/plan, that will be in-cooperated with the annual work plans, and
    updated annually;
  • Coordinating and overseeing the implementation of public awareness activities across all project components;
  • Facilitating the design and maintenance of the project website/web pages and ensure it is up-to-date and
  • Facilitating learning and sharing of knowledge and experiences relevant to the project;
  •  Preparation of project reports for workshops;
  • Providing ME&F with administrative and logistical support and assistance; and Documenting  Project Reports.

An Applicant must possess the following:-

  • Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines: Information Communication and Technology, Computer Science, or any other relevant qualification from a recognized institution;
  •  Ability to ICT, and especially website design, desktop publishing software, or any other relevant package; and
  • Good oral and written communication skills
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