Deputy HeadTeacher at KIS


Last Seen: 30th November 2019

Company NameKis

Job TypeFull Time

Reporting to the Head Teacher,he will assist the head teacher in providing professional leadership, supervisory and administration support.He/she should be highly competent, result oriented, experienced, dynamic and motivated educational leader with proven track record.


The duties and responsibilities will include but will not be limited to assisting the School Head in:

  • Ensuring the vision for the school is clearly articulated, shared, understood and acted upon effectively by all.
  •  Building a strong and cohesive culture that is supported by effective systems and structures.
  • Setting targets and goals for school staff through a participative process.
  • Providing regular feedback to colleagues in a way that recognizes good practice and supports their progress against professional and performance management objectives.
  • Conducting annual reviews based on standards of leadership, teaching and learning in specific areas of responsibility.
  • Monitoring coverage of the syllabus, quality of teaching and effectiveness of learning outcomes.
  • Ensuring teachers and support staff have all necessary working resources required in undertaking their responsibilities.
  • Providing leadership in guiding the various co-curricular activities and school based events.
  • Working closely with senior school management to achieve high levels of team spirit and synergy.
  • Handling behavior rectification matters to develop unique, courteous, respectful individuals.
  • Building effective relationships with parents, education partners and external stakeholders.
  • Managing school operations in the absence of the School Head.


  •  Holder of degree or Diploma in Education (P1) or equivalent qualification
  •  Must have a proven track record in educational leadership including school administration, classroom
    instruction, lesson plans, pupil assessment and staff development.
  •  Experience as a Deputy Head Teacher for at least 3 years in a reputable institution.
  •  Excellent interpersonal and communication skills that enables open communication with parents, teachers and learners.
  • A self-motivated, energetic person who enjoys working in a busy and dynamic working environment.
  •  The flexibility to learn and adapt to new cultures.
  •  Demonstrates ability to think and act critically, creatively and independently.
  •  Computer proficiency in Microsoft packages
  • Registered with Teacher Service Commission (TSC).
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